What Our Customers are Saying

Cove Financial really make dreams a reality! Along the journey of life you find some people who care. Those are the great people at Cove Financial. They have enriched our lives with home ownership. We now have something we can really be proud of – our home! Our family has a new sense of belonging. Thank you Cove Financial!

What is a Mortgage Alternative Program?

For consumers who want to live in the home of their choice while they rebuild their credit, COVE’s Mortgage Alternative Program (MAP) removes the largest roadblock to regaining their dream home! Cove Financial Group Inc. created MAP, for would be home buyers who have at least 5% to put down as a deposit on a home but who do not currently qualify for a traditional home mortgage.

MAP is an innovative Rent to Own program that allows you to get into the home of your choice today while you work to qualify for a traditional home loan in the future. Don't just rent! Rent to Own and start on the path to homeownership today!

A Mortgage Alternative Program is Simple

  • Get pre-qualified for MAP for FREE! Complete the sign-up form above.
  • Use your agent to pick out the home you want COVE to purchase for you.
  • Move in! You have fixed lease payments for up to 6 years.    
  • When you qualify for a mortgage with a lender, you simply close escrow. Any appreciation, above our fixed schedule, is yours to keep!